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Early Portland Confectioneries


The Cat and Fiddle was one of the most inviting confectioneries in Portland.

Some of Portland’s more memorable restaurants and confectioneries included the Hazelwood Cream Store, Royal Bakery & Confectionery and Simmons Hillvilla. Portland had several drive-in eateries: including Waddles and  Yaw’s Top Notch. Unfortunately, these places will forever be nothing more than a fading memory.


A lot of Portland’s Nightlife revolved around the bright lights of Broadway.


The Hazelwood had several Portland addresses through the years, but their address at 127 Broadway also was home to Kelly’s Restaurant and later Jolly Joan.

These two clippings from the Oregonian show ads for the Hazelwood at 127 Broadway in 1923 as well as Jim Kelly’s Restaurant in 1932.


From the Pacific Hotel News on April 2, 1932.


One of Portland’s most popular restaurants, Jolly Joan featured a neon sign with the ever full steaming coffee cup.






Greetings from Jolly Joan, Portland, Oregon


Despite the tremendous seating capacity of the original Jolly Joan (the largest eating place in Oregon), it has become impossible to provide enough seats for our growing number of patrons. To accomodate this overflow and because of the continued requests of our patrons that we should provide complete lunch and dinner service, the new Jolly Joan has moved across the street to 515 SW Broadway (formerly 127 Broadway). This view is from March 19, 1939. From the Metropolitan Review, November 17, 1937.





Larry Hillaire’s Encore was another favorite nite spot.


Ad from the Oregon Journal from October 31, 1937.


Who could forget the Tik Tok Sandwich Shop at 13th and Sandy?

Waitresses in bellhop uniforms met customers at their cars to take orders and deliver their food at the Tik Tok.

Photo courtesy of David Stone

Colorful vintage view of the Tik Tok in the late 1950’s.

Photo courtesy of David Stone

The above scan shows an original Tik Tok menu that was autographed by Nat King Cole for David Stone’s Grandmother when she worked there as a soda fountain clerk while attending school. She continued working there as a cook for 27 years. Thank you David.


Who remembers Yaw’s Top Notch, America’s Drive-In? This 1955 view shows the rebuilt restaurant with its famous Car Service.


Yaw’s first opened in 1926 and they quickly built a reputation for having the best burgers in town.

Photo courtesy of Carole Bess White


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