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Waddle’s opened their Flagship location at Jantzen Beach in 1945, though the roots of Waddles go back to 1938.


Portland’s famed architect Pietro Bellushi designed Waddle’s Restaurant. The reader board says “Bees humm cause they don’t know the words.”


Early view of Waddle’s and the Jantzen Beach area showing Kirkhart’s Drug Store as well as the Chevron Station.


This vintage post card lists Waddle’s three locations.

This menu cover shows the proximity of Waddle’s to the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park. After a day spent at Jantzen Beach Park, it was always fun to get something to eat at Waddle’s.

Waddle’s closed in May 2004 and plans for a new Krispy Kreme were scrapped when doughnut futures went into a tailspin. A new Hooters Bar and Grill opened in its place.

The Waddle family still operates a chain of three Original Taco Houses in the Portland area.

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