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Early view of a Bon Marche’ Delivery Wagon

This early view of Seattle at Second Avenue from Union Street shows The Bon Marche’, Seattle’s Full Line Department Store, which is now  Macy’s.


The Bon Marche’ at Second Avenue and Pike Street before the move to Third Avenue and Pine Street.

The Bon Marche’ Café on the fourth floor at Second Avenue and Pike Street. Princess Angeline, daughter of chief Seattle is also pictured.

The Bon Marche’ was founded in 1890, the same year Frederick & Nelson was founded. In 1927, Hahn Department Stores bought The Bon Marche. Eventually the holding company evolved into Allied Stores Corporation. Success in the early years meant expansion and The Bon Marche’ constructed larger quarters at Third Avenue and Pine Street in 1929.

Multi-view of the Restroom and the Olympic Mountains.


The Bon Marche’ Delivery Truck Drivers prepare for the day’s deliveries.

Nighttime view of the busy Seattle Streets in front of the Bon Marche’.


Early view of the new building at 3rd and Pine.


An enlarged Bon Marche’ building now houses Macy’s Seattle store.


The World’s Largest Santa Clause once welcomed visitors to The Bon Marche’ at Northgate.



In the late 1980’s Federated Department Stores, owners of Macy’s and Bloomingdales, purchased Allied’s assets. In the 1990’s, The Bon Marche’s Flagship Store went through a major renovation, as the city opened an underground bus tunnel. The Bon transformed a bargain basement closeout floor into individualized chic designer boutiques offering the latest styles to Seattle shoppers. In 2005, The Bon Marche’ stores assumed the Macy’s name.

From Macy’s basement boutique you can walk into the Bus Tunnel which was only a couple blocks from Frederick & Nelson and Nordstrom. Seattle is planning to replace the buses with light rail trains in the near future.

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