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Steigerwald Dairy Company in the “Milk Bottle” building at 37th & Sandy specialized in milk for babies.


With their grand opening on May 19, 20 and 21, 1926, Steigerwald Dairy Company, dedicated a new plant topped by a huge milk bottle at 37th & Sandy. Steigerwald Dairy Company installed the first and largest automatic conveyor bottling plant in the Northwest. With the new plant, Steigerwald’s could wash the glass milk bottles, then fill, and cap them at a rate of 2,500 per hour. In 1920, Steigerwald  products were distributed at NE 43rd and Sandy Blvd.


The original Steigerwald Farm was located between Prescott and Killingsworth  Streets from 42nd to about 52nd Street, near Going Street.  In addition to selling creamery products, the farm raised nursery stock.


Alvin Steigerwald’s Dairy was one of the earliest dairies in East Portland.


Milking cows at Steigerwald Dairy.


Before the new bottling plant opened at 37th & Sandy, filling and capping the milk bottles was done by hand at the Steigerwald Dairy Farm.


The huge milk bottle measured 27 feet in diameter and at 75 feet tall, it was the tallest structure in Northeast Portland. A spiral staircase inside the huge replica was used to take a Christmas tree to the top each year. Lighted with red and green electric bulbs, the tree could be seen for miles. Alvin Steigerwald’s motto was “Bold on Quality - Never on Price.” In 1936, the dairy was sold and the original milk bottle was covered with lath and plaster, taking on a new shape. For a short time, it became two Pabco Paint cans. By the 1940s, Pabco Paint gave way to the art deco 7-Up sign which remained there until 2002. The sign now advertises Budweiser Beer.


Business card from Steigerwald Dairy.


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