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The RCA Building, on 6th Avenue, is now the General Electric Building and it is one of 13 buildings in Rockefeller Center.

The GE Building houses the world headquarters for the National Broadcasting Company, where commercial Television was born. The RCA Building housed the very first commercial broadcast station in the world -- WNBT ( forerunner of WNBC), which first aired on July 1, 1941.

Television studios are located there as well as the NBC Experience Store, which houses a Museum of television memorabilia. Whenever you visit New York, the NBC Tour is high on the “must see” list.

A visit to the statue of Prometheus is a required stop on a trip to New York.

During wintertime, an ice skating rink is located in the foreground by the statue of Prometheus.

In the summer you can dine here under the stars. The world’s most popular Christmas Tree takes center stage at Rockefeller Center during the holidays. An 81-foot Norway Spruce from Northern New Jersey was chosen for last year’s tree.

This tradition dates back to 1931, in the height of the Great Depression, when workers building Rockefeller Center tried to lift their Christmas spirits. They placed a small, unadorned evergreen on the muddy site and a tradition was born.

After taking a year off, another tree -- decked out in 700 lights -- was put up in 1933. The largest Rockefeller Center tree was a 100-foot Norway spruce and the shortest was a 50-foot pine.

You will also see the Radio City Music Hall as well as the famous Rainbow Room on the 65th floor.

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