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Autobusses were also know as trackless trolleys in their early days as they resembled a trolley


Many of the tourists who came to Portland on the train were transported around town on sightseeing tours


Griffith’s Seeing Portland tours made a stop at the Forestry Building


Terwilliger Trips originated at the Nortonia Hotel and drove out Portland’s Scenic Terwilliger Boulevard


Terwilliger Boulevard had few trees and was somewhat out of the city in the early days. Towers for the Hawthorne and Steel Bridges can be seen in the distance.


This Autobus took sightseers to Washington Park formerly City Park


Tour guides would point out the many points of interest  along the way. Sightseers could take home souvenir booklets containing pictures of the sights.


Autobusses were popular in New York


Mercedes Benz supplied these Autobusses used in New York City


Autobusses were frequently seen at San Francisco’s Cliff House


This Autobus made its way around Denver’s sights


Seeing Kansas City with Yellow Cab Company

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