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Portland’s Multnomah Hotel opened in 1912

Multnomah Hotel at night

One of Portland’s most prominent hotels, the Multnomah Hotel, which was recently restored and returned to prominence, is now known as Embassy Suites. When it was built, it was the Northwest’s largest and most modern at the time. It was Portland’s largest Hotel until 1961.

The Multnomah Hotel had a very colorful history through good times and bad. The Multnomah hosted nine U.S. Presidents, Queen Marie of Romania, Charles Lindberg in 1927 and Elvis Presley in 1957. John Kennedy gave an impromptu speech from a balcony while campaigning here in 1960. Western Hotels operated the Multnomah from 1931 to 1963 when it closed.

In 1928, KXL Radio opened new studios at the Multnomah Hotel

Palatial Lobby of the Multnomah Hotel just inside the entrance

This magnificent view of the Multnomah Hotel Lobby shows the Mezzanine over the Front Desk and to the upper right

Ballroom of Palatial Grandeur

Blue and Gold Dining Room

Multnomah Hotel Buffet

Advertisement from 1921

Drawing of the entrance to the Arcadian Grill

View of the Arcadian Garden

The Neopolitan Fountain was very similar to one at Marshall Field’s in Chicago

Twice a plane has taken off from the roof of the Multnomah Hotel

Silas Christofferson flew a plane off the roof for the first time in 1912, note propeller in rear

This plane was called a “Pusher”, because the propeller was in back

This stunt was repeated 83 years later in 1995.

From 1965 to 1992, government offices were housed in the building. It was purchased in 1995 and renovated by the current owners and it is operating as the Embassy Suites Downtown.

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