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Early view of Main Street or 92nd looking north from Woodstock in Lents, Oregon.

Oliver Perry Lent, a stone mason born in Ohio in 1830, arrived with his wife in 1852 and they settled in a small community east of Portland called Sycamore. In 1866, they moved a little to the west to farm a tract of 190 acres which is the current site of the community of Lents, Oregon.


Early birds eye view of Lents looking west showing the Mt. Scott interurban car.


A post office was established at Lents in 1886 and it operated until 1917.


Lents Pharmacy was located at the northwest corner of 92nd and Foster.

Lents was originally platted as the town of Lent by the eldest son of Oliver Lent, George P. Lent in 1892. The original town was bounded by southeast Foster Road, southeast Duke Street, southeast 92nd Avenue, and southeast 97th Ave.


Beginning in 1892, streetcars on the Mt. Scott Car Line came from downtown Portland and across the Hawthorne Bridge out to the town of Lent. They would connect with the interurbans that went to Gresham and Estacada at Lents Junction near 102nd & Foster.


Main Street Looking North in Lents.

Oliver Lent built and operated a sawmill for many years. He served as school director, road supervisor and justice of the peace. Oliver Lent died in 1899. Oliver Lent's town was originally built as a self-sufficient town and suburb of Portland. As Portland grew and absorbed other smaller towns, Lents was annexed into the City in 1912.


The IOOF Hall in Lents housed a hardware store, a furniture store and an undertaker.


Newly completed Public School at Lents, Oregon at 92nd & Harold.

Because of its distance from central Portland and lower income class, it was repeatedly neglected by the city in terms of street and sewer improvements. This remains a challenge to local residents today.

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