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Blue Lake Park is located seven miles east of Portland, near Fairview and Troutdale. It opened on July 3, 1925 and it is still a popular place for swimming and picnicking.


Here is a rare view of the Blue Lake Dance Hall and the Merry Mix-up Swing Ride. The original Dance Pavilion burned in 1928 and was soon replaced with the building above which is shown from July 3, 1960.


View of the Concession Stand at Blue Lake Park.


Blue Lake had one of the best Swimming Pools.

Life Saving Class at Blue Lake August 7, 1939 in front of the Chateau Swim Pavilion.


Fishing and boating were the best at Blue Lake.

Aerial view of Blue Lake Park in 1944.

From the Portland News from July 1, 1925.

Ad from “Goin Places” Magazine from August 1944.

New Year’s ad from 1936.

This ad appeared in the Portland News on August 2, 1928.

This ad appeared in the Portland News-Telegram on July 24, 1936.

In 1960, Multnomah County acquired the park, dismantled the rides and razed the dance pavilion.


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