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Cloud Cap Inn



Government Camp was home to the picturesque Battle Axe Inn which was built in 1925


The rustic Battle Axe Inn was famous for home-made Huckleberry pies made from locally grown Huckleberries. This view which is from 1939 shows the addition of the Annex that was moved down the street and connected to the original building.


Telescopes were set up at the south end of Battle Axe Inn where Mt. Hood loomed overhead


The Battle Axe Inn will be remembered for the big fireplace on the west wall and the home-made rustic chairs and furniture. It was decorated with Indian and Pioneer artifacts. There was a curio shop in one corner of the main floor and the sleeping rooms were upstairs.


This view shows the stairway to the sleeping rooms


A corner of the Dining Room at Battle Axe Inn


In 1928, a toboggan run was built next to the Battleaxe and it proved to be very popular. The toboggans could reach speeds up to 60 mph.


The Toboggan Slide Take Off Ramp provided the elevation to get a run  going. Insurance costs, however, increased to over $100 a day due to frequent accidents and the toboggan run closed.



Battle Axe Inn, which was the largest building in Government Camp, stood for 25 years, until a fire destroyed it on November 7, 1950.

Mt. Hood

Cloud Cap Inn

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