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This postcard shows the Headquarters of the Apostolic Faith Church at Southwest 6th and Burnside in Portland, circa 1930, after the “Jesus, Light of the World” sign had been electrified. Because there was a church that met in the headquarters building, the sign was originally used at the Apostolic Faith’s first headquarters building downtown at Front and Burnside. At that time, lights were aimed at the letters to illuminate the sign to attract worshippers to their services. Then when the church moved to the new headquarters at 6th and Burnside, the sign was electrified and the words were visible for many blocks. The words are from the Gospel of John.


The international headquarters of the Apostolic Faith Church are now located at the 12.5-acre campground that serves visitors to the headquarters at Southeast 52nd and Duke Street in Portland. This view is a gathering from the 1930s.


Members of the Apostolic Faith Church on a rural outing in the 1920s.


Musicians at the Apostolic Faith Campground circa 1915.

On June 29, 2012, the church welcomed about 2,000 Apostolic Faith pastors and worshippers from around the world to the movement’s 101st Annual Camp Meeting at the site. The church claims one million adherents worldwide, but only 5,000 in the United States, with hundreds in Portland—home of the church headquarters.

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